Dog found on Riverside


Dog found around 7 am this morning on Riverside not far from the Reedy Creek entrance.  Pink collar with no tags.  Very sweet and timid female, probably weighs about 40 lbs.  She may be a bit older, has some white in her fur. Contact Jessica at 332-1941 or

Holy Cow! Guinea Pig Pool Party! The Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen On Tumblr. 
My husband just randomly surprised me with a Delicious Cucumbery Mocktail
I have a Slurpee Obsession 
I use to have this Sticker Album. I know it looks great BUT it sucked. I stuck all my stickers to it and then they wouldn’t come back up. I only put stickers in an album for a transitional period before they find their permanent home.

Free parking to disappear at Art Works

Less than good news reported by Style Weekly. Starting 1/16 if you head down to Art Works or Plant Zero to work in a studio or check out one of the many events, plan to pay if you usually park in the big lot next to Art Works. The addition of pay parking has Glenda Kotchish,…
Laaaast Winter